Bird waste removal, bird droppings clearance and disposal is an important part of bird proofing work. We would strongly recommend this is conducted prior to any installation of bird control or bird deterrent systems in Kent. 
Not only will cleaning remove the threat of any diseases spreading but will return the building to a cleaner, healthier condition. Depending on the severity of damage caused bird waste cleaning will also allow inspection for any works to be carried out to damaged building substrates, materials or structure 
An assessment of the site will need to be conducted prior to bird waste cleaning not only from a safety point of view to ensure the area is safe to enter – particularly derelict buildings, but to establish the amount of nests with young or pigeon squabs in situ. Only then can cleaning commence. 
Should large scale nesting and young be discovered it will be necessary to call on a wildlife rehabilitator to relocate who will hand rear the young birds. It must be said that pigeons breed all year round so it should be expected to find young or eggs in the nest. 
It should be noted that it is an offence to remove, interfere or destroy nests with or without eggs or chicks. Permission must be sought from the Department of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA). 
Once all issues related to nesting, site safety and bird waste cleaning have been completed the bird control or bird deterrent system should be installed as soon as possible to prevent birds from returning to roost and nest. 
All access points should be closed up to prevent recurring problems. 

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bird waste removal in kent bird waste removal in kent
bird waste removal in kent bird waste removal in kent
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