Kent Bird Control - why pigeons, seagulls and other pest birds need controlling 
Birds, especially pigeons and seagulls cause significant public health risks from their droppings and nesting habits. Pigeons in particular pose a serious health risk as they carry over 60 known diseases or parasites – perhaps that is why they are known as ‘flying rats’! In addition pest birds will cause significant damage to building and vehicles close by and to pedestrian walkways – wet bird droppings can significantly increase the risk of accidents. 
Diseases carried by pest birds 
Histoplasmosis is a respiratory disease that may be fatal. It results from a fungus growing in dried bird droppings. 
Candidiasis is a yeast or fungus infection spread by pigeons. The disease affects the skin, the mouth, the respiratory system and other areas of the body. 
Cryptococcosis is caused by yeast found in the intestinal tract of pigeons and starlings. The illness often begins as a pulmonary disease and may later affect the central nervous system. 
Allergic Alveolitis More commonly known as ‘Pigeon Fancier’s Lung’ this is a serious allergic reaction which can only be cured by the removal of the birds and their nests. Allergic Alveolitis can result in permanent lung damage. 
Salmonellosis often occurs as “food poisoning” and can be traced to pigeons, starlings and sparrows. The disease bacteria are found in bird droppings; dust from droppings can be sucked through ventilators and air conditioners, contaminating food and cooking surfaces in restaurants, homes and food processing plants. 
Chlamydiosis causes a flu-like respiratory infection with high fever, severe headache, and generalised aches and pains. As it is often wrongly diagnosed as influenza, the wrong treatment is prescribed. The disease can be transmitted by infected ticks, ingestion, or by inhalation of dust contaminated with the organism. 
Schistosomiasis one of the most prevalent diseases throughout the world, is caused by a water-borne trematode and pigeons are responsible. 
Bird damage to buildings 
Pest birds cause millions of pounds worth of damage each year buildings in the UK. Apart from the unsightly mess, nesting materials can block drainpipes causing leaks and flooding. Nesting material can be flammable as they are built from small twigs, straw and droppings. 
Bird droppings have a high acidic content which is corrosive to paintwork on buildings, roofs, machinery or vehicles and masonry. In some circumstances, roofs and ceilings potentially could collapse due to the sheer weight of droppings in heavily infested areas. 
Before any bird proofing is installed, we would recommend that any waste is cleaned away from contaminated areas to prevent the further spread of disease. 

Do you need bird control in Kent? Contact us today! 

Pigeon, seagull and pest bird control in kent Pigeon, seagull and pest bird control in kent
Pigeon, seagull and pest bird control in kent Pigeon, seagull and pest bird control in kent
Pigeon, seagull and pest bird control in kent Pigeon, seagull and pest bird control in kent
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