As bird proofing experts in Kent, we have found a rise in the number of homeowners troubled with birds – especially pigeons - soiling solar panels. 
You may be delighted with the benefits your solar panels bring in terms of cost-savings and helping out the environment. You may not be delighted with the pigeons and other birds 
using them to nest under though. 
What happens if I allow pigeons to roost under my Solar Panels? 
Pigeons can damage your expensive solar panels, as well as your roof, and even prevent the solar panels from working properly. And as you would expect, the bird excrement can also cause your roof to look unsightly. 
Not only that, but the birds’ roosting, nesting and the noise they create can lead to 24-hour disturbance for those in the house. Then there is the possibility of your solar panels becoming a breeding ground for a whole host of nasty bacteria and diseases, such as Cryptococcosis, Histoplasmosis and Psittacosis. 
All of these issues are understandably unacceptable for Kent homeowners. But the good news is they can be prevented – easily and without a huge roofing bill or having to replace your valuable solar panels. 
A solution that fits all 
A solution suitable for householders with solar panels is why, here at Kent Bird Control, we sought to come up with a special bird-proofing deterrent to protect these solar panels. 
With more than three decades of experience in the bird deterrent industry, we understand more than most, exactly the type of environment and conditions that birds like to nest in - and how to prevent them doing this. 
Getting rid of birds from your home can prove a delicate situation. No-one wants to harm the birds, yet you do want to protect your solar panels and home. 
A neat, efficient and inexpensive solution 
At the same time, no-one wants their roof and solar panels covered in unsightly wire or plastic tubing. And that’s where our smart, white plastic runner comes in. Difficult to spot from the ground, because it’s so thin, the runner is designed as an downturned U shape and sits on the base level of the roof. 
This solar panel bird deterrent is also waterproof so there are no concerns about having to replace it after a particularly wild storm, or days of incessant rain. 
It works by blocking the pigeons and other large birds, such as magpies, crows etc from entering the space between the solar panel and roof. It is simply too narrow for them to get through. You may have seen other amateur deterrent methods being employed, such as wire netting over the space. This can work, provided the weather isn’t too treacherous and blows it off. And, let’s face it, it doesn’t look good. It detracts from the neat look of the solar panels and makes your home resemble a prison camp. 
Another bonus of our thin plastic U-shaped runner – and it’s a big one - is that it doesn’t invalidate any solar panel or home insurance policy you may have taken out in the event of damage. This is where amateur attempts at deterring birds from solar panels can prove costly. Our plastic runner deterrent also makes it easy to service the panels since the engineer doesn’t need to haul a whole roll of wire netting off when he or she wants access. 

What does our Kent bird deterrent achieve?   

In summary, the white U-shaped runner we employ to prevent pigeons and other large birds entering the space between your solar panels and roofing, serves all of these goals: 
bird icon
Prevents your roof tiles or the underside of your solar panels from costly damage and having to be replaced. 
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No more unsightly excrement and other mess sitting on your roof panels and roofing area. 
bird icon
If something does go wrong with your solar panels or roofing then you can rest-assure our method won’t invalidate any insurance policies you already have. 
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Means you won’t miss out on sleep or be woken in the early hours by the noise of birds on your roof. 
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You can get an engineer to service your solar panels without worrying about having to remove any make-shift deterrent you may have employed. 
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You can be assured that our solution is a one time solution for the lifetime of your solar panels. 

Get in touch  

If you would like our experts to come and consider the possibility of fitting this deterrent on your solar panels then why not get in touch with the team today?  
We can give you a no-obligation, same-date quote on your premises. Just call 0800 118 2415 or email us via [email protected] 
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