Kent Bird Control are not limited to the usual pest bird such as pigeons or seagulls but can also provide pest bird control for other species such as magpies, crows, wood pigeons, starlings and jackdaws. 
We following the same strict guidelines as for any other pest bird control service we provide. 
PLEASE NOTE: During the trapping process should a bird be trapped that is protected or not listed please call us immediately on 0800 118 2415 or 07850 686977 so it may be freed. 
Magpie control 
The guidelines laid out (RSPB Website), clearly state they are not opposed to Magpies being legally trapped and humanely destroyed. Kent Bird Control are licensed firearms holders and with the landowners permission Magpies can be disposed of in this fashion. 
Crow, Jackdaw, Jay bird control 
Mainly a nuisance to landowners and farmers particularly when flocking in their thousands to trees and attacking crops but can equally cause damage and health related issues to buildings. The same bird control and deterrent systems can be applied as used for pigeons or seagulls. 
Starling control 
Starling can create as much damage as any other pest bird and can be found nesting in roof spaces and building eaves. Starlings have also increased in numbers and are threating the nesting space in trees of other native birds and can undo the hard work of gardeners. The main source of food being seeds, grain and grubs. 
We will visit the site premise free of charge to ascertain the best bird control solution for your Starling problem. 
Wood Pigeon control* 
Wood pigeons can have a devastating effect on effect on farm crops. Flocks can descend on a field and strip it within a matter of hours or over the course of a few days. This cost to landowners can run in literally millions in lost revenue. 
Kent Bird Control have team of dedicated, experienced and licensed shotgun holders at their disposal. We already monitor and shoot over many fields around Ashford, Hamstreet, Romney Marsh and Faversham. 
*PLEASE NOTE: The control of wood pigeons is a FREE service. 
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