Kent Pest Bird Control - we install bird proofing, Pigeon spikes, bird netting, and Pigeon repellent systems 
Kent Bird Control provide a wide range of bird deterrent systems and bird control solutions for both domestic premises and commercial buildings. Where birds pose a serious health risk is easily remedied in a cost effective manner. 
We offer a FREE site survey to discuss the best option to control the pigeon or seagull problem. There are many types of bird deterrents and we will be able to provide the best solution where pigeons, seagulls, magpies or starlings are causing a nuisance to your building or domestic property. 
Additionally we take into account the type of building to ensure the control measures we put in place are discreet and aesthetically pleasing to the building and surroundings. 
Our range of bird control products are designed to last! 
They will withstand all types of weather and any attempt by pigeons, seagulls, starlings or other pest birds that try to re-inhabit once affected areas. 
As well as Kent Bird Control providing bird control solutions and bird deterrent systems it is of vital importance that these are installed correctly by pest control technicians to prevent any repeat threat by problem birds. With over 25 years experience, we are specialists in all aspects of bird control. 
Bird control, Prevention and solutions 
Bird Netting (Popular for pigeons) 
The most popular bird deterrent that we install. Effective against pigeons and seagulls nesting. Bird netting comes in a range of low visibility colours to blend with the building. Can be used on roofs, arches, roof apexes, facades and around air conditioning units. Very strong, durable and flame retardant. Can be fitted horizontally or vertically. 
Bird Spikes 
Bird spikes are generally installed on bird perching sites such as front elevations of buildings, sills and ledges, shop signs, rafters and beams. We can install two types of bird spikes made of stainless steel or plastic spikes made from high quality UV-stabilised polycarbonate plastic. Our free site survey will determine the best option. 
We also offer a unique solution for the protection of solar panels from pigeons.  
Post and Wire Bird Control 
A very cost effective and versatile method of controlling pigeons and seagulls to stop them from landing on the building. Post and wire can be used to protect any building or architectural structure and is almost invisible to the eye from ground level. Ideal bird deterrent if lengths of building ledges need to be protected. 
Daddi Long Legs 
The Daddi Long Legs is a unique anti bird deterrent that is designed to protect any surface. It works effectively on flat roofs, street lights, air conditioning units, boats and many other surfaces. The unit deterrent is constructed of thin stainless steel wire ‘arms’ that gently move in the wind or resulting in the bird feeling unsafe if it attempts to land on it. 
Bird Traps 
We have a range of bird traps to ‘trap and release’ pest birds. Bird traps are portable units made of steel. Both humane and effective for pest birds in low numbers. Commonly used for magpies, sparrows or starlings. 
None of the bird control and deterrent systems we use are designed to harm birds. They are only to deter them from nesting or landing on your property. However… 
Under certain circumstances we do have air weapons that are only used by trained pest control technicians to bring the bird problem under control. This method can only be used on feral pigeons and strict guidelines are adhered to. A full risk assessment must be carried out before this method is considered. 
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